Online learning

Many students I teach are familiar with online learning and usually need very little guidance. However, just in case, in the introductory free lesson, I explain how online learning works. We then set it up and practise so that by the next lesson we are ready to go! (Parents are welcome to join this session to chat about their child’s English or ask any questions).

  • I use Google platforms (Google Classroom-for written work and resources) and Google Meet (for the face to face part). Your child (the tutee) is required to have a Gmail address (this can be easily and quickly set up). Additionally, they will need access to a PC/iPad/MacBook/Chrome book etc.
  • Other online platforms are available but I find Google Classroom and Meet very user friendly for the needs of English tuition.
  • I then email the tutee with an invitation code to Google Classroom.
  • The tutee can then access the online Google Classroom and click on a link. This allows us to communicate face to face.
  • They are also able to access any resources I have posted for the lesson. In addition, whilst the lesson is taking place, they are able to write answers to questions, annotate texts as if in a ‘real’ classroom. We are both able to see this simultaneously. This means that it is a collaborative lesson where I can see what they are writing as they write it and also give written and of course verbal feedback as we speak.
  • For each lesson, the tutee will have access to their own private online classroom with resources and questions etc tailored to their need. They will also receive feedback on any classwork/homework submitted. Parents can also access their child’s online classroom via their code should they wish to see what their child has been learning.

I hope this helps! Feel free to contact me or join me online should you have any other questions.