Terms and Conditions

  1. Tuition duration is fifty five minutes, per week, payable in advance.
  2. Lessons are booked as a regular weekly slot.
  3. Monthly payment to be made in advance of lessons, by bank transfer ( invoice will be emailed). Please use your child’s name as a reference, or your own, if the tutoring is for yourself. 
  4. Students are expected to attend regularly during term times to ensure consistency of tuition. Lessons will continue during school holidays; these are often daytime sessions. Do please give advance notice (at least two weeks) of any upcoming holidays.
  5. Fees for a lesson cannot be refunded, instead lesson credit will be given e.g. a different day can be offered either that week or at a later date which is suitable for the student. Please give 48 hours notice of cancellation/re-scheduling.
  6. In the unusual circumstance of your tutor having to cancel a lesson, then, as above, a mutually convenient date will be offered in lieu of the cancelled lesson. If this is not possible, then your fees, for that lesson, will be refunded.
  7. Stand-alone lessons or a limited period of lessons e.g. a block of ten, are also available subject to availability. An example of such is school holiday revision sessions.
  8. Students will be notified of what topic will be covered in each individual lesson, and if relevant, are requested to have the necessary learning materials with them for that lesson.